Rug Cleaning vs. Carpet Cleaning

Expensive rugs such as Persian, Oriental, handmade, etc., require special treatments. Rugs are manufactured with a variety of materials. It is very important to treat each fabric type correctly, with the most intricate care.
For instance, dry rug cleaning is an alternative to shampooing and deep cleaning. With dry rug cleaning, only enough moisture is used to pick up any dirt left after vacuuming.

Dry rug cleaning is also preferable for handmade wool rugs. Wool rugs tend to be very durable and soil resistant.  The idea is to use the dry rub service to help retain their non-toxic and non-allergen qualities.  Using the dry-cleaning method assures there is no soap or water permeating in the rug. Your rugs are left looking fuller and cleaner.

Since no detergent is being used, the rug will be residue free.  This is a key factor because excess residue attracts dirt and will require more frequent cleaning.  The dry method is environmentally friendly and non-toxic.

It is important to vacuum your rug weekly to keep dirt from working deep into the pile and to remove all loose dirt.  Dirt can damage the fibers and cause the rug to wear faster.  The best plan is a maintenance contract that will keep your carpet looking fresh and vibrant.  Weekly vacuuming and a maintenance contract is the ticket to long-lasting beautiful carpet in your home.